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Fiber optic connectors assemblies / Connectors & Terminations

IDIL Fibres Optiques provides and assembles fiber optic connectors with standard or specialty optical fibers : SM, MM, PM, PZ, PCF, HC

Fiber optic connectors assemblies summary

All standard connectors (SC, FC, LC, ST, SMA, E2000, MU) are available. Those connectors can be put on patchords, pigtails or components with single-mode (SM), multi-mode (MM), polarization maintaining (PM), polarized (PZ), Photonic-crystal (PCF), hollow-core (HC) or micro-structured fibers.

The company also realizes fiber optic connectors testing. IDIL fibres Optiques proposes specific and high quality customized solutions. Do not hesitate to contact the company.

A wide range of coating materials, with different dimensions (900 µm, 3 mm…) and cladding (stainless steel (SST), PVC, coated fiberglass…) is available. Optical fibers are supplied with special coating materials (aluminium, polyimide, gold,…) when they are intended to be used in a harsh or specific environment.

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    • Standard & specific connectors integration
    • Every fiber / jacket types
    • High expertise in term of integration
    • Final quality test
    • Industrial sectors
    • Measurement equipment
    • Telecom, DWDM, CATV networks
    • Aerospace and avionics
    • Lasers
    • Medical
    Connector typesFC, SC, LC, ST, MU, SMA, E2000
    Fiber typesMonomode, Multimode, PM & custom
    Standard polishingPC, SPC, UPC, FLAT
    DimensionsFrom bare fiber to 7mm SST with PVC jacket
    Coatings materialsAluminium, polyimide, gold, acrylate
    Jacket typesSST, PVC, coated fiberglass or others
    Operating wavelengthFrom 190 nm to 2 µm
    Operating temperatureFrom -40°C to +85°C
    Ferrule materialsCeramic, metal or glass

    IDIL Fibres Optiques is committed to exceed customer expectations with respect to quality. Our equipment allows us to deliver all products with Final Quality Test. IDIL can also answer specific testing request such as optical & geometrical inspections.

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