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Fiber optic training kit reflectometry

/ Education systems

The fiber optic reflectometry kit completes the educational telecommunications kits

It is composed of a pulsed laser diode emitting at 830 nm, a 1×2 SM coupler and a silicon avalanche photodiode. It is therefore possible to make a comprehensive study of the reflectometer, and to check the influence of the physical parameters on the performances of a reflectometer. A fiber optic module is necessary in order to carry out the experiments.

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  • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
  • Rack mounted components
  • Eye safe connectors
  • Competitive pricing
  • Avalanche photodiode characterization (gain vs power supply)
  • Laser diode characterization
  • Coupler characterization
  • Study of the reflected signals
  • Observation of the blind zone
  • Observation of Rayleigh diffusion
  • Fiber absorption measurement
  • Connector and splice losses measurement Influence of pulse linewidth on the reflected signals

Components included

  • 1 Fabry-Perot laser diode @ 830 nm, peak power : tunable from 0 to 5 mW, pulse linewidth : tunable from100 ns to 2,5 µs
  • 1 Fiber optic coupler 50/50 @ 830 nm
  • 3 Single mode optical fibers with different lengths
  • 1 Avalanche photodiode : silicon, diameter : 500 µm, gain : 0 to 100, power supply : 0 to 120 V
  • 5 Patchcords E2000/PC Diamond connectors
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