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Fiber optics coupled deuterium and tungsten halogen sources / Light sources

Deuterium and tungsten halogen light sources combine the continuous spectrum of deuterium and tungsten halogen bulbs into a single optical path that produce a stable spectral output from UV through NIR

Fiber optics coupled deuterium and tungsten halogen sources summary

They are ideal for absorbance and reflectance spectroscopy.

A proprietary filtering technology option installed in BALANCE version produces a “smoother” spectrum across the entire wavelength range and eliminates problems associated with strong D-alpha line near 655nm, present in all deuterium bulbs.

These models have an integrated shutter that can be controlled by a TTL signal or a switch on the front panel. It allows the limitation of the exposure of the sample

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    • For UV-NIR wavelengths
    • High or Low output power models
    • UV/VIS/NIR continuous output
    • Adjustable relative intensity for halogen bulb
    • Internal shutter control via TTL signal or manual switch
    • Absorbance & reflectance spectroscopy
    • Environment: water quality monitoring, waste
    • Water analysis, marine Chemistry, biological
    • Measurements, air quality monitoring
    • Process control
    Coupled deuterium (D) and tungsten halogen (W) light sources
    Nominal bulb power (D/W)4W / 1W4W / 1W25W / 20W25W / 20W
    Wavelength range185nm - 1100nm200nm – 1100nm190nm – 2500nm215nm – 2500nm
    Typ. output power in 600µm~0.2 µWatt / 7 µWatt~0.2 µWatt / 7 µWatt217 μWatt / 295 μWatt194 µWatt /615 µWatt
    fiber (D/W)
    Bulb lifetime (D/W)~2000 hours~2000 hours~1000 hours~1000 hours
    Time to stable output10 minutes10 minutes40 minutes40 minutes
    Stability1% (over 4 hours)1% (over 4 hours)≤ 0.1%/hour @ 254nm (D)≤ 0.1%/hour @ 254nm (D)
    ≤ 0.1%/hour @ 700nm (W)≤ 0.1%/hour @ 700nm (W)
    Drift (per hour)< 0.25%< 0.25%0.01%0.01%
    Adjustable intensity for halogenNoNoYesYes
    Balanced output filtering techno.NoNoNoYes
    Fiber connectorSMA 905SMA 905SMA 905SMA 905
    Shutter (manual and TTL)YesYesYesYes
    Dimensions18 x 10 x 5.3 cm18 x 10 x 5.3 cm15 x 13.5 x 28.5 cm15 x 13.5 x 28.5 cm
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