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Fiber optics coupled Xenon light sources / Light sources

Xenon light sources are useful for absorbance, fluorescence or reflectance measurements. They offer very high intensity in the UV. Standard and high-power output models are available with broadband output from UV through NIR

Fiber optics coupled Xenon light sources summary

Pulsed xenon sources are ideal for measurements where high intensity UV light can damage the sample because they are high intensity with a lower duty cycle. They offer excellent pulse-to-pulse stability during long measurements.

The 35 W xenon sources are ideal for reflectance or fluorescence spectroscopy where often a strong source is required.

High power continuous xenon sources have nominal bulb of 75 W. They provide output intensity that are almost 4x higher across the entire range compared to the 35 W xenon sources. These models have an integrated shutter that can be controlled by a TTL signal or a switch on the front panel. It allows the limitation of the exposure of the sample to this high intensity source.

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    • For UV-NIR wavelengths
    • Power options: 9.9 W, 35 W and 75 W
    • Pulse-to-pulse stability
    • Excellent performance for long-duration experiments
    • Adjustable flash rate
    • Simple experiment setup via software
    • Absorbance
    • Fluorescence
    • Reflectance
    Xenon light sources
    ModelsPulsed 9.9 W xenon source35 W xenon source75 W xenon source
    Average output power9.9 W//
    Nominal bulb power/35 W75 W
    SourcePulsed XenonHPX-2000 Xenon light sourceContinuous Xenon
    Wavelength range220 nm – 750 nm185 nm - 2 µm185 nm - 2 µm
    Typical output power/1.52 mW6.13 mW
    Pulse duration5 µs (at 1/3 height of pulse)//
    Pulse power45 microjoules/pulse (max)//
    Pulse rateMultimode mode: up to 220 Hz, Single mode: 1-220 Hz//
    Source lifetime10⁹ pulses (estimated 230 days continuous operation @ 50 Hz pulse rate)1,000 hours1,000 hours
    Warm-up timeNone25 minutes30 minutes
    Fiber connectorSMA 905SMA 905SMA 905
    Integrated filter holder/YesNo
    Dimensions14 x 10.5 x 4 cm14.5 x 16.5 x 26 cm14.5 x 16.5 x 26 cm
    Weight0.4 kg6 kg6 kg
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