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Fiber stretcher (femtosecond/micrometer range) / Optical delays

Our compact fiber stretchers (also called phase shifters) offer the attractive feature to modify the optical path from 0 to 0,1ps or 0 to 0.2ps.

Fiber stretcher (femtosecond/micrometer range) summary

The fiber is fixed on a multilayer piezoelectric actuator. The stretcher uses the piezoelectronic element to change the optical path and phase. IDIL Fibres Optiques phase shifters are available with all fiber types (SM, MM, PM) and offer a particularly fast and accurate technique.

Its compact packaging makes it suitable for various system applications. Typical applications include variable optical delay, fiber interferometry, ultra-fast dynamics and lasers.

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    • Modulation of the optical path length
    • Variable : Voltage drive
    • High resolution: 1 fs
    • Modulation: up to 20 kHz
    • Fast feedback loop
    • Compact packaging
    • All fibers: SM, MM, PM
    • Large choice of multiple termination
    • High speed
    • Can be driven with general purpose electronics
    • Variable optical delay
    • Interferometric measurements
    • Ultrafast dynamics
    • Lasers & ultra-intense lasers
    • Metrology
    • Chirped pulsed amplification (CPA)
    Fiber stretcher / Phase shifter
    FS 20µmFS 40µm
    Wavelength rangeIR (1µm, 1,3µm, 1,5µm or others)IR (1µm, 1,3µm, 1,5µm or others)
    Optical path displacement0-20µm (more is available)0-40µm (more is available)
    Time delay0 - 0,1 ps0 - 0,2 ps
    Insertion loss≤ 0,1 dB≤ 0,1 dB
    Resonance frequency76 kHz34 kHz
    Return loss≥ 50 dB≥ 50 dB
    PDL≥ 50 dB≥ 50 dB
    Fiber lengthPlease specifyPlease specify
    Fiber typeSM, MM, PMSM, MM, PM
    Voltage range to apply0-150 V (more is available)0-150 V (more is available)
    Operational temperatureFrom -20°C to +55°CFrom -20°C to +55°C
    Packaging dimensions45 (L) x 7 (l) x 10 (H) mm367 (L) x 13.3 (l) x 11 (H) mm3
    Weight10 g typical20 g typical
    Single mode fibers
    Specifications SM1550, buffer 900 µm, L= 0.5m, FC/APC x2SM1550, buffer 900 µm, L= 0.5m, FC/APC x2
    Part number to orderCOCOM04230COCOM04940
    Polarization maintaining fibers
    Specifications PM1550, buffer 900 µm, L= 0.5m, FC/APC x2 PM1550, buffer 900 µm, L= 0.5m, FC/APC x2
    Part number to orderCOCOM04798COCOM04797
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