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Hyperspectral Microscope System Zolix (Omni-imager) / Spectrometer systems

The Omni-imager hyperspectral microscopy platform as modular configured to rapidly scan the VIS, NIR and SWIR spectrums while mapping a combination of photoluminescence, electroluminescence, fluorescence, Raman, reflectance and transmittance

Hyperspectral Microscope System Zolix (Omni-imager) summary

The omni-imager includes hyperspectral imaging spectrometer, light source, detectors, fluorescence microscopy, Objectives with different magnifications etc. It can measure hypercube faster than hyperspectral systems reliant on scanning spectrograph.

While acquiring the image of the target, the spectral information of each pixel point can be obtained at the same time, so that the atlas can be unified.

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    • Material analyses such as semiconductor quality control, solar cell characterization etc.
    • Dark-field images like polymers, crystals or live cells
    • Biological samples like live cells and tissues
    • Plants or insects, glass or metal materials etc.
    • Drug development & Pharmacology
    • Quantum dot dark field scattering spectrum
    • OLED display luminescence test
    • Minerals Fluorescence
    • Imaging and characteristic spectra of glomerular cell lesions
    • Imaging and characteristic spectra of cells & nuclides
    • Tissue image and characteristic spectrum of mineral rock slice
    • Microscopic fluorescence images and spectra of nanomaterials
    ModelOmni-Imager (/Pro)-VNOmni-Imager (/Pro)-VN-HROmni-Imager (/Pro)-VN-HS
    Main FunctionTransmissive grating(PGP)Transmissive grating (PGP)Transmissive grating(PGP)
    Spectral range400-1000nm400-1000nm400-1000nm
    ApertureF /2.4F /2.4F /2.4
    Spectral resolution2.8 nm@30 µm slit, 2 nm@18 nm slit2.8 nm@30 µm slit, 2 nm@18 nm slit2.8 nm@30 µm slit, 2 nm@18 nm slit
    Scanning typeBush broomBush broomBush broom
    Slit width-30µm (W) x 14.2mm (L)-30µm (W) x 14.2mm (L)-30µm (W) x 14.2mm (L)
    -18µm (W) x 14.2 (L) (optional)-18µm (W) x 14.2 (L) (optional)-18µm (W) x 14.2 (L) (optional)
    DetectorCCD 1392X1040, Pixel size:6.45um SCMOS 2048X2048, Pixel size:5.5umEMCCD 512X512, Pixel size:16µm
    Cooling:Air cooled-0℃QE>72% Cooling:Air cooled-0℃QE>95% Cooling:TE to -80℃
    Dynamic (bits)141616
    Signal connectorUSB2.0USB3.0USB2.0
    CCD Pixels1392x10402048x946512x384
    Lens connectorC-mountC-mountC-mount
    Image Lens23 mm (+options)23 mm (+options)23 mm (+options)
    ModelOmni-Imager (/Pro)-NIR-320Omni-Imager (/Pro)-NIR-640
    Main FunctionTransmissive grating(PGP)Transmissive grating(PGP)
    Spectral range900-1700nm900-1700nm
    Spectral resolution5nm @ 30µm slit5nm@ 30µm slit
    Scanning typeBush broomBush broom
    Slit width-30µm (W) x 14.2mm (L) -30µm (W) x 14.2mm (L)
    -18µm (W) x 14.2 (L) (optional)-18µm (W) x 14.2 (L) (optional)
    DetectorInGaAs 320X256, Pixel size:30µm InGaAs 640X512, Pixel size:15µm
    QE>80% Cooling:TE3 to -50℃QE>70% Cooling: -40℃
    Dynamic (bits)1214
    Signal connectorUSB2.0USB3.0
    CCD Pixels320x256640x512
    Lens connectorC-mountC-mount
    Image Lens30mm (+options)30mm (+options)
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