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Laser Firing Unit / Opto-Pyrotechnics

Next generation Opto-Pyrotechnics

Laser Firing Unit summary

IDIL Fibres Optiques develops a new generation of systems and components for opto-pyrotechnics technology. A well-defined laser pulse is generated and transported within an optical fiber to be delivered on the target, i.e. an IOP (opto-pyro initiator) or a DOP (opto-pyro detenator) into launchers, thrusters, missiles or explosives.

A complete and safe opto-pyro system includes a Laser Firing Unit (LFU) emitting a NIR light pulse travelling through a ground Optical Harness (OH) to the target. Multiple stage Safety Barriers (SB) ensure the entire opto-pyro channel integrity.

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    • Multi-channels (modular slots)
    • System programming & Remote control (Ethernet RJ45 socket)
    • Calibration mode access (expert user)
    • Multiple Safety Barriers (Laser interlock, laser safety key on each channel, harness presence detection, innovative optical switch…)
    • No arming allowed without optical line test completed successfully
    • Arming and firing from remote controller only
    • No electronics, no ecltrical wires inside harnesses
    • Aerospace
    • Defense
    • Research
    • Civil engineering
    Laser Firing Unit (LFU)
    Number of channels1, 2 (more upon request)
    Firing laser source (power and wavelength)10W @940nm (more upon request)
    Firing pulse power, Tuning step0.1W
    Firing pulse durationAdjustable from 0.1 to 500ms
    Line control source (power and wavelength)2mW @1310nm
    Interface for software remote controlEthernet
    Dimensions19" - 5U rack
    Power supply230V, 50-60Hz
    Optical Harness (OH)
    Number of fibers1 up to 24
    Fiber typesMM105/125 (specific design). More upon request
    Low insertion loss<4dB/km
    Low bend lossOperation ROC= 150mm
    LengthUp to 1000m
    Cable characteristicsOD= 5 to 11mm, Outdoor use (moisture & UV resistant, LSZH, [-14,+65°C])
    ConfigurationsStraight, fan-out
    ConnectorsSouriau D38 999 family with ELIO contacts, FC/PC, ST/PC, SC/PC, SMA
    Aerospace qualified versions available
    Connector pinoutUpon customer's provided schematic
    Multiple Stage Safety Barrier
    Military grade optical connectorsRobust (2.5mm ceramic ferrule)
    Electrical contact to confirm connector to LFU
    Used as a standard on aircraft and military programs
    Seal integrated inside rear boot & bayonet locking mechanism
    Safe monitoringRemote control
    Successful test is needed to initiate firing
    Standard or expert user modes
    Optical Safety Barrier (OSB) The safe position of the optical switch ensures no light is exiting from the LFU
    to the optical harness

    3 MODES

    STAND-BY: Adjust your lasers parameters (duration, power). Wait for command from remote controller.

    TEST: Check the integrity of the opto-pyro line with a low power laser at a safe wavelength.

    ARMED:Turn on armed mode and fire after a successful test. Return to rest mode after each firing.



    A personal password is required to access the calibration mode and prepare the firing sequence. Most of the safety barriers are unlocked, except the mechanical ones: interlock, keys, harness presence, OSB. A firing command can be sent without prior line test.


    Laser duration and power can be remotely configured in a secure manner. EAch of the 3 modes can then be sequentially activated until the final firing command.

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