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Lasers for Raman spectroscopy / Fiber lasers

Our 785 nm lasers are continuous-wave lasers designed specifically for Raman spectroscopy. They are also available for Raman excitation wavelengths of 532, 638 and 1064 nm.

Lasers for Raman spectroscopy summary

These high-power excitation sources have integrated laser drivers and thermoelectric coolers. They produce narrow spectral lines, and feature hermetically sealed laser components to make it optimal for industrial and medical applications.

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    • Integrated laser package: laser drive, TEC cooled electronics and safety switches
    • Available in 532, 638, 785 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths
    • Adjustable output power
    • Biofuels Analysis
    • Biotechnology Applications
    • Medical Diagnostics
    • Polymer Analysis
    • Teaching Labs
    • Chemical and organic materials
    Excitation wavelength785 nm
    Typical output power>350 mW. Adjustable to >350 mW
    Spectral linewidth stability< 0.15 (FWHM) (Narrow linewidth available at < 0.1 nm, 0.07 nm typical)
    Wavelength stability< 3% peak-to-peak in 8 hours
    Fiber connectorFC, SMA 905
    Dimensions115 x 175 x 245 mm
    Weight1.6 kg
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