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Low latency hollow-core cables / Connectors & Terminations

A pioneer low latency hollow-core cable to save nanoseconds in high-speed trading application

Low latency hollow-core cables summary

IDIL and Photonics Bretagne launch a new range of anti-resonant Hollow-core fiber optic cables. They combine low latency data transmission, high bandwidth connections and low loss; three features highly sought after by high frequency trading.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of this technological breakthrough where each nanosecond counts” said David MECHIN from Photonics Bretagne.

“Low latency cables are fully compatible and deployable in existing communication networks. These indoor/outdoor cables are easy to integrate and customizable. Customers can choose the length, number of fibers, connectors” said Boris PEDRONO from IDIL.

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    • Low latency data transmission
    • Light travels 50% faster than in solid core fibers (+ 1,7µs/km)
    • High bandwidth transmission
    • Low loss (<10dB/km @1550nm)
    • Indoor/outdoor cable and termination
    • Inter server distance: from few meters to kms
    • Easy to integrate into existing networks
    • Operating from -40°C to +60°C
    • Traction: 1000N
    • Custom lengths, number of fibers, connectors…
    • Telecom networks
    • Financial trading
    • Data centre
    • 5G mobile networks
    • Cloud computing
    • Quantum communication
    Anti Resonant Fibers

    Optical signal in ARF-fibers propagates in an air core surrounded by single ring of anti-resonant tube elements.

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