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Manual or motorized tunable Littman/Metcalf laser system (LION) / Laser diodes

Our Littman/Metcalf laser systems use tunable external cavity diode lasers. They cover the wavelength range from 635 nm to 2450 nm and avoid modehop.

Manual or motorized tunable Littman/Metcalf laser system (LION) summary

Littman/Metcalf laser systems are excellent turn-key scientific lasers. The external cavity design allows excellent tuning, high output optical power up to 100mW and offers excellent quantum efficiency and high fiber coupling efficiency.

Littman/Metcalf lasers are perfect for applications such as spectroscopy, optical process control, interferometry, laser, seeding, non-linear optical processes or characterization of fiber optical systems.

Moreover, Littman/Metcalf laser systems can be tuned manually or thanks to a motor. In the motorized configuration, a precise and smooth tuning is done via DC motor (to avoid mode hopping). A fine tuning is also possible via piezo-actuator with a resolution better than 1 MHz.

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    • Wavelength flexibility : from 635 nm to 2450 nm
    • Output power up to 100 mW
    • Excellent quantum efficiency
    • High fiber coupling efficiency
    • Excellent tuning behavior
    • Linewidth < 100 kHz @ 1 ms
    • Excellent side mode suppression > 50 dB
    • Plug & Play configuration
    • Spectroscopy
    • Optical process control
    • Master laser for THz generation
    • Optical cooling and trapping, BEC
    • Absolute distance interferometry
    • Laser and OPO seeding
    • Non-linear optical processes
    • Characterizing of fiber optical process
    ReferenceWavelengthPowerTuning (Total)Tuning (Fine)
    TEC-500-0635-005633-640 nm5 mW> 5 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0645-010640-650 nm10 mW> 8 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0650-010647-656 nm10 mW> 8 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0670-010665-680 nm10 mW> 10 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0680-005670-685 nm5 mW> 8 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0690-010680-695 nm10 mW> 10 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0705-010690-708 nm10 mW> 15 mW> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0730-010725-740 nm10 mW> 10 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0730-030725-735 nm30 mW> 10 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0770-040745-785 nm40 mW> 40 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0770-060755-780 nm60 mW> 20 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0780-030775-795 nm30 mW> 20 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0780-100775-795 nm100 mW> 20 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0830-030790-840 nm30 mW> 30 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0830-080820-852 nm80 mW> 30 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0850-030830-870 nm30 mW> 30 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0850-080840-865 nm80 mW> 30 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0920-030870-940 nm30 mW> 40 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0920-100890-940 nm100 mW> 40 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-0960-030910-985 nm30 mW> 75 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-0960-100920-985 nm100 mW> 45 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-1060-030990-1075 nm30 mW> 50 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1060-0801040-1075 nm80 mW> 35 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-1080-0301070-1090 nm30 mW> 25 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1180-0301080-1180 nm30 mW> 90 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1220-0301170-1260 nm30 mW> 80 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1340-0301280-1380 nm30 mW> 100 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1380-0101360-1520 nm10 mW> 60 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-1450-0301380-1520 nm30 mW> 100 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1590-0301490-1580 nm30 mW> 90 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1590-0301520-1640 nm30 mW> 120 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-1650-0201600-1750 nm20 mW> 150 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-520-1950-0201850-2020 nm20 mW> 180 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-2050-0052000-2060 nm5 mW> 60 nm> 30 GHz
    TEC-500-2350-0052250-2450 nm5 mW> 200 nm> 30 GHz

    Further wavelength are under development, please contact us

    Cavity modes

    How does our laser tune modehop-free ?

    2 features defines the emission wavelength of a laser : the cavity mode and the amplification range of the gain medium.

    Most diode lasers have wide gain region. So, it is necessary to put a wavelength selective medium inside of a cavity like a grating. In order to tune such as laser modehop-free, the grating defined wavelength need to be synchronized with the cavity defined wavelength. This synchronization is done by a simple rotation of the mirror. The adjustment of the pivot point is done during the wavelength scanning operation of our Littman/Metcalf laser system (patent n° 5,867,512).

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