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Near infrared spectroscopy applied to pine wood / Application Notes

In this note, we explore tools for detecting the rate of extractable compounds in wood samples in a non-destructive manner.

Near infrared spectroscopy applied to pine wood summary

The forest-wood industry is present in many applications: logging and woodworking (sawing, carpentry and joinery, veneer, panels, parquet floors), consumer goods (construction, furniture, paper and cardboard), extraction of molecules, wood chemistry and energy.

Scientific researches are being carried out to support this forest-wood sector. Non-destructive testing systems are developed to measure raw wood. The objective is to be able to determine extractable compounds in pine wood planks in order to be able to orient their uses and carry out quality control.

The use of near infrared spectroscopy coupled with statistical models has proven its effectiveness in measuring these parameters. Results are presented in this application note.

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