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High performance spectrometer module (Omni-Ultra) / Spectrometer systems

Omni-λ3008i-iVacN is an Ultra-high performance scientific research CCD spectrograph with perfect integration of high resolution spectrophotometer and TE-cooled deeply CCD

High performance spectrometer module (Omni-Ultra) summary

  • Outstanding spectral image calibration
  • Extremely high wavelength accuracy
  • Excellent stray light suppression
  • Featuring spectrum connection: the spectrometer can achieve not only wide spectrum range but also high resolution

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    • Permanent vacuum integrity, critical for deep cooling (-60℃@ ambient temperature of up to 25℃)
    • Peak QE up to 95%@780nm
    • Greater band-pass capture in 1 single shot (30mm wide sensor)
    • High resolution 15­µm pixel format
    • 10x lower dark current for low dark current deep-depletion, LDCDD compared with traditional back illuminated deep-depletion BIDD sensors
    • Single window design, delivers maximum photon throughput
    • Simple USB2.0 connection
    • Fluorescence spectrum
    • Raman spectrum
    • Emission spectrum
    Aperture RatiosF/4.2
    Stray light1×10-5
    SlitWidth:0.01-3mm(Motorised or manual slit)
    Grating Size (mm) 68×68
    Grating MountInterchangeable triple grating turret
    Active pixels2000×256
    Pixel size (μm)15×15
    Output register saturation, 300,000e- 2000×256
    Maximum spectra per sec, 18115×15
    Read noise3e-
    Dark current0.1e-/pixel/sec
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