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Optical sensor

/ Sensors systems

IDIL Fibres Optiques offers tailored optical sensor systems for numerous applications.

As many of our customers face very individual and demanding challenges regarding their applications, off-the-shelf products may not lead to satisfying results.

Thus, our long experience in the fields of opto-electronic engineering and optical sensor development made us your ideal partner to design and manufactured your specific optical sensor. Our technologies are based on Fiber Bragg Gratings, Brillouin scattering and interferometry.

Can’t find your application in the list? Contact us and we find your optical fiber sensor customized solution.

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  • Temperature
  • Strain
  • Displacement
  • Vibration
  • Acceleration
  • Pressure
  • Load
  • Ablation
  • Civil engineering
  • Energy & Environment
  • Aerospace
  • Food industry
  • Biotechnologies
  • Industry
  • Security
Structural health monitoring of buildings, off-shore environments, dams, tunnels, aircrafts, vehicles
Composite health monitoring
Flight testing
End-of-life decision making & maintenance scheduling
Monitoring of navy vessels, competitive yachts, submarine hulls
Sensor for CO2 geological storage
Environmental monitoring
UV & VIS sensor for aquatic environment applications
Pressure measurement for off-shore oil platforms
Renewable wind energy: monitoring wind turbine blade deformation
Seismology: monitoring shifts in the earth's crust
Thermal protection sensors for Ariane 5 launchers
Sensing shape
Pigs / Fish fat reading sensors
Sea pollution (presence of hydrocarbons) & water quality
Preventive measurements, absence of disease
Bio sensing
Procedure involving endoscopes
In vivo sampling
Contactless measurement
Border security monitoring
Building fire detection
Detecting mechanical or biological agents
Monitoring nuclear power plant vibration & temperature
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