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Optical spectrum analyzer Visio Lambda / Education systems

The Visio Lambda, optical spectrum analyzer, are based on turning grating technology.

Optical spectrum analyzer Visio Lambda summary

The input signal is made by a single mode fibre. One can observe the spectrum on an oscilloscope screen. These optical spectrum analyzers have been designed in order to complete the experimental teaching materials (erbium doped fiber amplifier and fiber laser, wavelength multiplexing … )

This low cost equipement will also allow a full understanding of the characteristics of the spectrum analyzer : it is possible to tune the focal length of the mirrors, in order to study the resolution parameters.

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    • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
    • Rack mounted components
    • Eye safe connectors
    • Competitive pricing
    Wavelength800-1600 nm
    Resolution>3 dB
    Dynamics> 35 dB
    Rotation frequency20 Hz
    Minimum detectable power-35 dB
    Glitter1 nm

    The software is supplied with : the executable software, « analyseur de spectre optique.exe»; the calibration file, « calibration.log»; the Microsoft library, « MSChart.exe»; the driver USB, « CDM v2.12.06 WHQL Certified.exe» which allow the communication with the Visio Lambda.

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