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PDV + VISAR velocimeter / Photonic Doppler Velocimetry

Get the best results in shock-physics studies !

PDV + VISAR velocimeter summary

Our modular and compact velocimeter combined up to 4 slots PDV and/or VISAR. It offers excellent resolutions (time and speed) on a velocity measurement. See our demo during “les 7e journées VH” organized by the CEA/CESTA and the GDR ACO-CHOCOLAS (Gramat, 6-8 October 2022).

– Best speed resolution in the range of 0-20 km/s with our PDV slots. PDV can measure both interfaces, projectiles and debris speeds.

– Best temporal resolution in the range of 0-2 km/s with our VISAR slots. VISAR is the only technology allowing accurate detection of elastic wave precursors.

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    • Modular and compact velocimeter
    • 1-4 PDV and/or VISAR channels
    • Faster fiber-alignment system
    • User friendly touchscreen interface
    • High speed measurement
    • Absolute speed measurement
    • Elastic precursor wave detection (P)
    • Projectile / fragment / dust detection
    • Shock physics
    • Solid materials
    • High explosives
    • Gun
    • Particle ejection
    • Plasma
    • High energy-density physics (HEDP)

    PDV = Photon Doppler Velocity

    VISAR = Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector

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