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Photocatalysis light sources

/ Light sources

IDIL Fibres Optiques distributes 300W photocatalysis light sources (SIRIUS-300P) offering stable and accurate measurements.

Our photocatalysis light sources (Sirius-300P Serie) can illuminate desired wavelength in the UV-NIR, VIS and UV:

– Sirius-300P series photocatalysis light source has high output from UV to NIR,
– Sirius-300P-F focus on simulated sunlight of visible light,
– Sirius-300P-UV has strong continuous output within 200-400 and focus on applications of high UV requirements.

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  • High collimation & high energy output
  • Adjustable light height
  • Auto power supply turn off
  • High stability
  • Effective air-cooling
  • Improved bulb lifetime
  • Photocatalysis
  • Industrial catalysis
  • Hydrogen aquatic photolysis
  • Photochemical synthesis
  • Photochemistry synthesis
  • Optical degradation of pollutants
  • Water pollution treatment
  • Biological light
  • Optical detection
  • Various accelerated test simulated sunlight visible
  • Ultraviolet band accelerated test
Power Supply VoltageAC190-240V 50Hz FUSE-5AAC190-240V 50Hz FUSE-5A
Rated Power300W(180-320W)300W(180-320W)
Output Power50W50W
Spectral range320-2500nm200-2500nm
Output Power (UV)<390nm(Watts)2.6W6.6W
Output Power (IR)<770nm(Watts)28.826.8
Output Power (VIS)<390-770nm(Lumens)5000Lu4500Lu
Power intensity5-15 Sun@50mm5-15 Sun@50mm
Color temperature5600K5050K
Beam diameter30-70mm adjustable30-70mm adjustable
Divergence Angle of Parallel LightAverage 5°Average 5°
Center Height of Output Light70-220mm adjustable70-220mm adjustable
Bulb Life (Hours)1000H to 6000H1000H to 6000H
Size341mm x 244mm x 290mm341mm x 244mm x 290mm
Weight (Kg)11Kg11Kg
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