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Photoexcitation and real time spectroscopy monitoring / Spectrometer systems

Software selected excitation bandwidth: 250-800nm
Spectroscopy monitoring range: 200-1100nm or 900-2500nm even 200-2500nm

Photoexcitation and real time spectroscopy monitoring summary

No need for sampling and running to the lab spectrophotometer any more! For photochemistry, photoswitch, photocristallography, we have developed a photoexcitation system combined with real time spectroscopy monitoring. During the sample photoexcitation, our system will measure in real time absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, colorimetry, Raman…

  • Synchronization with the start
  • Complete spectrum from 10µs
  • Programming scan rate up to 4.5kHz

Furthermore, IDIL customizes your probe (in situ measurement, remote sensing, immersive, amagnetic… Visit our Optical Bundle Configurator).


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    • Synchronized photoexcitation
    • Samples: liquids, solids, powders, films, photochromic, photosensitive
    • Photoswitch
    • Photophysics
    • Photo-crystallography
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