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Photonic Doppler Velocimeter 32 channels (PDV) / Photonic Doppler Velocimetry

IDIL Fibres Optiques' Photonic Doppler Velocimeters (PDV) are simply the best systems for shocks and detonic applications.

Photonic Doppler Velocimeter 32 channels (PDV) summary

The PDV technology allows more reliable measurement on your high speed phenomena with unique or multiple speeds, in the range of 0 to 20 km/s with an excellent temporal and velocity resolution. A dedicated software, based on a Fourier Transform algorithm, allows a rapid visualization of the speed fields.

The multiplexing system allows the user to get 32 PDV measurement channels with only 4 digitizer channels. Other characteristic qualities are: the non-contact laser measurement, the frequency up shifting, amplification of the reflected signal.

A new X-small PDV system offers the same performance quality in a more compact (5U height) packaging. This solution allows up to 4 measurement channels.

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    • Non-contact laser measurement
    • Controlled by software
    • Up to 32 channels
    • Frequency up-shifting
    • Amplification of the reflected signal
    • Pulse operation
    • Temporal multiplexing
    • Shock physics
    • Material studies
    • High explosives
    • Gun
    • Particles ejection
    • Detonic
    • Plasma
    Photonic Doppler Velocimeter
    Displacement interferometerHigh dynamics (>27 dB)
    Eye safety (1.55 μm), all fibered designMinimum reflectance required -60 dB
    Speed measurement : 0 to 20 km/sHigh sensitivity (>50 dB)
    Speed uncertainty : Δt Δv = 150 ns.m/sUp to 32 measurement channels
    (function of the width of the Fourier window analysis)Ethernet interface
    Speed uncertainty : +/- 3 m/s for 50 nsTriggered mode
    Speed uncertainty : +/- 0.5 m/s for 300 nsLow heat deposition on sample
    Time uncertainty : 200 ps on the raw signal-
    5 ns on velocity after processingManufactured under CEA license
    The system contains
    High power laser (Up to 200mW by channel)1
    Reference laser1
    PDV measurement channelsUp to 32
    Processing software1

    (digitizer not provided)

    Additional infos

    The processing software allows : the visualisation of raw signals (bin, wfm, csv and most of native file of digitizer); Time-frequency treatment and display; Multi-speed visualisation and Automatic speed extraction.

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