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Portfolio Free space light sources / Light sources

Zolix offers a wide range of free space arc Halogen and Xenon light sources from UV to IR, and single-wavelength LED light sources. All light sources are designed for versatility, flexibility and efficiency, providing good solutions for spectroscopic applications

Portfolio Free space light sources summary

You probably have to image the arc and filter, attenuate or split the beam, change the beam form or direction, place a shutter in the beam, control the light intensity or carry the light to your sample via an optical fiber. We offer some useful and necessary accessories to be couple directly to the output of the lamp housing condenser.  This page presents each light source model with keys features, specifications and measurement type to help you making the right choice.

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    Accessories for free space light sources: Lens holder, filter holder, iris diagramph, beam steering component, beam-splitting component, light path sealing component, fiber coupling component

    • Photocatalysis
    • Industrial catalysis
    • Photocatalytically splitting of water into hydrogen
    • Mechanistic organic photochemistry
    • Photocatalytic degrading organic polluant
    • Ultraviolet spectrophotometer
    • Fluorophotometer
    • Illumination and simulation sunlight
    Free space light sources - Model selection
    Spectral range250-2500nm200-2500nm250-2500nm300-2500nm
    Color temperature6000K6000K6000K3000K
    Light Ripple≤0,5%≤0,5%≤1%≤0,5%
    Auto power supply turn offNoNoNoNo
    Bulb typeXenonXenonXenonHalogen
    Bulb life>3000h3000h1000h2000h
    Center Height160mm (185mm with base plate)137-173nm157-193mm137-173mm
    Beam diameter46mm46mm46mm46mm
    Spectral range300-2500nm320-2500nm200-2500nm
    Color temperature3000K5600K5050K
    Light Ripple≤0,5%~0,5%~0,5%
    Auto power supply turn offNoYesYes
    Bulb typeHalogenXenonXenon
    Bulb life300h1000 to 6000h1000 to 6000h
    Center Height137-173nm70-220mm adjustable70-220mm adjustable
    Beam diameter46mm50mm adjustable50mm adjustable

    GLORIA-T: 150 & 250 Watts Tungsten halogen light sources become up to 900°c hot (surface temperature) during operation. They require a safe, temperature-controlled environment. Its housing has a cooling fan built in that provides the proper air flow. Their spectral emission covers VIS up to near IR range with a smooth spectrum.

    GLORIA-X: 75, 150,& 500 Watts Xenon arc lamp light sources are the preferred artificial sources to simulate sunlight. The high color temperature (6000K) of the Xenon lamps is a close match to the solar temperature. This results in very similar solar spectra in the UV and VIS although the source has some Xe emissions lines in the near IR.

    SIRIUS-300: 300 Watts Xenon ceramic lamp light sources perfect for photocatalysis. This light source can be used as a whole system or separately (housing and power supply can be divided into separate parts). Its power supply has relative light intensity adjustment, display, security protection, timing control optical and other functions. This will be provided users with the most complete security protection and convenient operation.

    MXXXl Led light sources from 265 nm to 1020 nm with few hundred milli-watts output power and their power supply to control irradiance power 0-100% (adjusting duty ratio), modulation frequency 120 Hz, manual or digital/RS232 control (turn on/off). Led power supply module can control up to 5 leds simultaneously.

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