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Portfolio fibered light sources / Light sources

Ocean Insight modular sources are available for illumination, excitation and calibration, with options for UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths. They have been developed with short-arc-lamps to optimize coupling in SMA 905 fiber optics.

Portfolio fibered light sources summary

Ocean Insight provides also numbers of fiber optic miniature spectrometers including optical fibers, cuvette holders, probes and other sampling optics. This page presents each light source model with keys features, specifications and measurement type to help you making the right choice.

Contact our team for a loan, a demonstration and learn more about our expertise! IDIL Fibres Optiques is the Ocean Insight french distributor.



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    • General spectroscopic illumination
    • Absorbance/Reflectance/Transmission
    • Fluorescence/phosphorescence
    • Radiometric calibration
    • Wavelength calibration
    Light source comparison
    Bulb typeModelWavelength rangeOutputMeasurement type (1)
    Deuterium Tungsten HalogenDH-2000-BAL215-2500 nmContinuousA/F/R/T
    DH2000-DUV190-2500 nmContinuousA/F/R/T
    Miniature D/W (2)DH-MINI-D2200-1100 nmContinuousA/R/T
    DH-MINI-D2-DUV185-1100 nmContinuousA/R/T
    XenonPX-2~220-750 nmPulsedA/F/R/T
    HPX2000185-2000 nmContinuousA/F/R/T
    LEDsVariousMany options from 240 nmPulsed or ContinuousF
    Tungsten HalogenHL-2000360-2500 nmContinuousA,R,T
    Calibrated D/W (2)DH-2000-CAL~220-1050 nm ContinuousC
    HL-2000-CAL380-2400 nmContinuousC
    Mercury ArgonHG-2253-1700 nmContinuousC
    ArgonAR-2700-1700 nmContinuousC
    NeonNE-2540-754 nmContinuousC
    XenonXE-2916-984 nmContinuousC
    KryptonKR-2427-893 nmContinuousC

    (1) A=Absorbance, F=Fluorescence, R=Reflectance, T=Transmission, C=Calibration (2) D/W=Deuterium Tungsten Halogen


    PX-2: Pulsed xenon source with a high flash rate, short-arc covering UV/VIS range. It has twi trigger modes to control of the flash rate. Ideal for measurements where high intensity UV light can damage the sample

    HPX-2000:  Continuous-wave high power xenon — Fluorescence measurements

    DH-2000-BAL: Combination of deuterium / tungsten halogen bulbs to produce a powerful and stable output. The entire UV-Visible-NIR range can be explored

    DH-IDIL-V2: Compact continuous UV-VIS light source with low power consumption

    HL-2000: Long life tungsten halogen source optimized for VIS-NIR range

    HL-2000-HP: High power tungsten halogen source optimized for VIS-NIR range

    ECO-VIS: Compact Krypton VIS-NIR light source with integrated cuvette holder for easy measurements

    LSM-LEDs: Efficient coupling of LED light into optical fibers, ensuring high signal output. Programmable driver-controller enables monitoring of LED power output, temperature…

    HL-3P & DH-3P: Radiometric calibration light sources

    AR-2, KR-2, HG-2, XE-2, NE-2: Argon, Krypton, Mercury Argon, Xenon and Neon wavelength calibration light sources

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