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Pulsed laser source @690nm / Fiber lasers

IDIL Fibres Optiques designs and manufactures pulsed laser source at 690nm.

Pulsed laser source @690nm summary

IDIL Fibres Optiques system can deliver pulsed light beams at a wavelength of 690nm with tunable pulse width between 30µs and 10ms.

The period is adjustable between 4ms and 50ms. The peak pulse power is also adjustable between 0 and 2mW (by adjusting intensity of the laser diode or value of the attenuation). Trigger mode can be internal or external.

Our system comes in a compact design. Please contact us to customize your pulsed laser source (wavelength, output power, pulse frequency and period, output connectors…).

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for more informations

    • Tunable pulse, laser power, period
    • Quick installation
    • Reliable operation
    • Compact size
    • Metrology
    • Optical component testing
    • Fiber sensors
    Spectral bandwidth< 2nm
    Pulse periodFrom 4ms to 50ms
    Pulse durationFrom 30µs and 10ms
    Trigger modeInternal or external
    Optical powerFrom 0 to 2 mW
    AttenuationFrom 1 to 60dB
    Rise time<5µs
    Fall time<5µs

    Please contact us for more information on the parameters that you need for your application or custom requests.


    IDIL Fibres Optiques laser design is a rack ½ 19’ (height 3U), powered by 230VAC.

    The display allows to visualize:

    • The laser status ON/OFF
    • The period value
    • The pulse duration
    • The trigger choice
    • The laser power
    • The attenuation
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