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Raman micro-spectrometry for pigment analysis of paintings

/ Application Notes

For the restoration of the pictorial heritage, it is important to detail the materials used, which allows to place the work of art in a particular artistic context such as the nature or the weaving of a canvas, the use of a pigment.

Naked-eye, photographic or microscopic observations allow sometimes to describe the materials constituting the work of art. Raman micro-spectrometry confirms and specifies data obtained by other means of analysis (UV fluorescence, flase colors, chemical reagents).

The Raman analysis is user-friendly (simple to implement and use). The observation obtained is very quickly compared with the database previously established. The result then makes it possible to identify and discriminate the materials constituting the work of art.
This work describes the pigment analysis of a 17th century painting with Raman micro-spectroscopy (and with extraction of micro-samples).

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