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RMC1 Re-scan Confocal Microscope VIS or NIR / Microscopes imaging

The RCM1 is a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system. It’s capable of reaching a 120nm resolution after deconvolution (170nm raw). Study living cells in high detail with minimal phototoxicity and photobleaching.

RMC1 Re-scan Confocal Microscope VIS or NIR summary

RCM1 is based on the Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM) principle. Capture datasets with 170nm raw resolution (120nm after deconvolution) by using 60x to 100x high numerical aperture (NA) magnification objectives and keep the laser intensity at a minimum. RCM1 acquires super-resolution images with only 85 nano-watts laser power.

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    • Super-resolution confocal system
    • High sensitivity
    • Excellent add-on to any widefield microscope
    • Easy to use
    • API integration into third-party software
    • VIS or NIR versions available
    • Live cell dynamics
    • Mitochondria dynamics and structure analysis
    Resolution120nm (after deconvolution, raw image = 170nm)
    SensitivityUp to 95% QE
    FOV130×130µm (60x, super-resolution)
    Optimized for100x, 60x (high NA)
    ScannerAnalog (open-loop)
    Speed1fps @ 512x512 pixels
    WavelengthVIS or NIR
    SoftwareMicromanager, NIS Elements
    PSF for deconvolution withMicrovolution, SVI Huygens
    Bypass modeYes
    High contrast imaging

    Hela cell stained for DNA (blue), Actin (green), Tubulin (red) and clathrin (yellow). Captured on RCM1 using a 100x 1.45 objective. Sample courtesy: Nicolas Touret, University of Alberta, Canada.

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