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RMC2 Re-scan Confocal Microscope VIS / Microscopes imaging

The RCM2 is Confocal second generation RCM, with digital scanner technology. It makes bi-directional scanning the standard and allows a speed of 2fps at 512×512 pixels

RMC2 Re-scan Confocal Microscope VIS summary

RCM2 has optics to make it suitable for super-resolution imaging with high NA objectives in the low magnification range, like 40x 1.4. A lower magnification allows for a bigger field of view (FOV), brighter images, and even lower laser power. RCM2 has demonstrated imaging at 10 nano-watt excitation power!

Improvements of sCMOS cameras allow you to sample resolution of low magnification objectives effectively, without increasing the exposure time. In a regular PMT-based confocal this is not possible.

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    • Super-resolution (120nm) imaging with 40x 1.4NA objectives
    • Larger FOV without increasing acquisition time
    • Bidirectional scanner
    • Excellent add-on to any widefield microscope
    • Easy to use
    • Hardware integration in third-party software
    • Cell-cell interactions
    • Cell division
    • 4D imaging
    • Single molecule detection
    • Stem cell research
    • Developmental biology
    Resolution120nm (after deconvolution, raw image = 170nm)
    SensitivityUp to 95% QE
    FOV220×220µm (40x, super-resolution)
    Optimized for100x, 60x, 40x (high NA)
    ScannerDigital (closed-loop)
    Speed2fps @ 512×512 pixels
    SoftwareMicromanager, Volocity, NIS Elements, Zen, LAS X, Cellsens
    IntegrationHardware – USB connection
    PSF for deconvolution withMicrovolution, SVI Huygens
    Bypass modeYes
    Brighter images, larger FOV

    Neurons in co-culture stained for Actin (red), MAP2 (magenta) and Tau (green). Imaged on RCM2 with a 40x 1.4 objective. Sample courtesy: Vera Wiersma, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


    “Get more resolution from your sample with RCM2 plus SVI Huygens”
    Webinar hosted by Anna Fehér, Vincent Schoonderwoert from

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