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CO2 optical sensor for geological storage monitoring / Project examples

IDIL Fibres Optiques is collaborating with other 28 partners and research institutes from 17 countries to the ENOS project (Enabling On-shore CO2 storage in Europe) to provide a CO2 optical sensor.

CO2 optical sensor for geological storage monitoring summary

After the success of the COPTIK project, IDIL offers its expertise in the validation of CO2 optical measurement technology for the European ENOS project.

IDIL is involved in managing leakage risks for protection of the environment and groundwater: i.e. geochemical monitoring and potential impact of leakage on potable aquifers, and more specifically, the subtask increasing the TRL of groundwater quality monitoring tools.

For that purpose, IDIL is developping a specific fiber optic probe connected to an interrogator and laser diode using an innovative fiber offering high performance in term of sensitivity and detection speed.

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    • In situ CO2 measurement using infrared light
    • Real time control of the monitoring system
    • Best signal-to-noise-ratio
    • Robust probe
    • CO2 Geological storage
    • Dissolved CO²
    • Carbon capture and storage monitoring
    • Sensing
    Project namesCOPTIK: 2014-2016
    ENOS (Enabling On-Shore CO2 storage in Europe): 2016-2020
    Objectives-Increase field experience relevant to geological storage of CO2
    -Refine techniques and tools used for site selection and monitoring
    -Advance communication between science and society on the geological
    storage of CO2
    Research institutes participatingCOPTIK: 5
    ENOS: 29 from 17 countries
    Field sitesENOS: GeoEnergy TestBed, Q16-Maas, LBr-1, Hontomin, Sulcis Fault Lab
    IDIL ObjectivesENOS: Managing leakage risks for protection of the environment and
    IDIL testing siteENOS: GeoEnergy TestBed (UK)
    IDIL productSpecific CO2 optical probe
    Optical fiberInnovative fiber in chalcogenide glass for the probe
    Standard silica fiber for the connection fiber
    Fluorescence source4,3 µm

    All other requirements upon request: length, outer diameter, connectors, operating temperature, pressure resistance

    ENOS Project

    Launch in September 2016, the main objective of the project is to enable the development of CO2 storage on-shore in Europe in order to prevent large quantities of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. More information about ENOS

    IDIL is developing the optical probe to prove that the CO2 is not returning to the biosphere and to quantify leakage if it does occurs, by direct measurements.

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