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Sensor for wind turbine monitoring

/ Project examples

IDIL Fibres Optiques developped FBG pressure and strain sensors for wind blade monitoring.

IDIL produced, with its Partner FEBUS, a complete Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) interrogation system to measure static and dynamic pressure, temperature and strain specifications of a Wind blade.

IDIL and Febus installed the sensors all along one blade. The bare gratings are monitored by an interrogator placed directly inside the rotor of the turbine. The data are imported with 3G transmission.

The FBG has been photo imprinted on SMF1550 nm fiber in clean room. A specific packaging has been developped for pressure sensors. The fiber sensors have been directly glued on the blade with a specific glue.

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  • Temperature sensor
  • Strain sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Static and dynamic measurements
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Civil engineering
  • Security
CoordinatorUniversity of Bristol
Aerogust partners12 partners :
-Universities: Bristol, Liverpool (UK) & Cape Town (South Africa)
-Research organizations: INRIA Bordeaux, DLR (Germany) & NLR (the
-Companies: NUMECA (Belgium), Optimad (Italy) & Valeol
-Aeronautics industries: Airbus Defense and Space (Germany), Dassault Aviation
(France), Piaggio Aerospace (Italy)
Objectives-To carry out investigations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) so that
the non-linearities in gust interactions are understood
-To create a gust loads process that does not require wind tunnel data and
hence reduce the need for wind tunnel testing
-To develop updated reduced order models for gust prediction that account for
aerodynamic and structural non-linearities at an acceptable cost
Common test casesCivil transport, wind turbine, military - high speed, UAV-High AR
IDIL SERVICESInstallation of sensors distributed on 4 sections (Wind turbine case - 2017)
LocationPlougras (22), France
Wind turbine modelJ48 (Jeumont)
Wind turbine height48 m
Blade length23,5 m
Optical sensors (2m, 7m & 14m of the root and all along the blade)-10 strain sensors
-6 pressure sensors
-8 temperature sensors
Sensor typesFiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
Number of fibers4
Fiber length≈ 20 m
Fiber typeSM 1550 nm
Number of connectors4

Launched in 2015, the main objective of the project is to investigate and develop improved simulation methods for gusts on blades, aircrafts wings, composites.

More information here

Video of the Aerogust project here

Video of the installation of the wind measuring mast by VALOREM and installation of the sensors on the wind blade by IDIL here

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