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Single crystal optical fibers / Connectors & Terminations

Micromaterials grows a wide range of oriented single crystal optical fibers. Materials include sapphire and YAG; diameters can range from 60 to 500μm

Single crystal optical fibers summary

Sapphire is a chemical and scratch resistant material with a melting point of 2,072°C. These LHPG grade sapphire fibers exist with diameters ranging from 75 to 500μm. Optical fibers with enlarged ends (tapered fibers) are also available.

These fibers are interesting because they offer a very good flexibility. Indeed, the flexibility of the fiber varies as the inverse 4th power of the diameter. For example, a 100μm fiber is 16 times more flexible than a 200μm fiber. The tapered fibers give the user high throughput capability without sacrificing their flexibility in both energy delivery and spectroscopy applications.

IDIL provides end fiber shapings, PTFE jackets and FC/PC connectors on request.

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    • Highest quality sapphire optical fibers
    • Exceptionally high sensitivity
    • Other crystal fibers available (Doped Al2O3, YAG, and doped YAG)
    • Temperature sensing
    • Radiation environment sensing
    • Fiber laser and power delivery
    • Chemical and medical
    • Piezoelectric
    Single crystal optical fibers
    Diameters & max. Length305-500µm (50cm)
    205-300µm (100cm)
    100-200µm (200cm)
    75-95µm (100cm)
    Fiber orientationC-axis
    Melting point2,072°C
    Tensile strength2,200MPa
    Damage threshold1.3kJ/cm2 @ 3μm
    Numerical aperture0.45 (300μm fiber, 1m)
    Attenuation0.5-1.0dB in near IR (1m, 300μm)
    Bending loss3% for 3cm dia. loop (100μm fiber)
    Relative transmission (image)

    Image: relative transmission of 1m long 125µm Sapphire fiber vs. input numerical aperture @ 633nm

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