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Steady State Fluorescence Spectrometer (Smart Fluo) / Spectrometer systems

Smart Fluo is a steady-state fluorescence spectrometer based on single photon counting technology

Steady State Fluorescence Spectrometer (Smart Fluo) summary

Measurement modes:

  • Synchronous spectrum scan
  • Excitation spectrum scan
  • Fluorescence emission spectrum scan
  • Electroluminescent spectrum scan
  • Fluorescent mapping / dynamic scan
  • Fluorescent quantum yield measurement

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    • Single photon counting technology
    • Excitation: 200-600 nm up to 2500 nm
    • Wide spectrum detection range: 200-900 nm up to 1200 nm
    • High sensitivity: 10-100 times higher than conventional fluorescence spectrometers
    • Excellent detector of weak fluorescent signals
    • Stray light suppression
    • Water Raman SNR >3500:1
    • Real time spectrum correction
    • Liquids, solids, powder, films samples
    • Integrating spheres & polarization accessories
    • DNA quantification
    • Water quality evaluation
    • Conventional drug analysis
    • Biochemistry
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Pesticide analysis
    • Drug development
    • Pharmacology development
    • Food quality control
    • Agriculture
    Excitation light source150 W
    Continuous Xenon light source
    Spectral range(Ex.) 200-600 nm
    (Em. 200-1000 nm
    Filter wheelWith 6 positions
    Spectral bandwidth0.1 - 30 nm
    Wavelength accuracy+/- 0.2 nm (@1200g/mm)
    Reference detectorUV sensitive silicon detector (200 - 1100 nm)
    Polarization accessoriesOptional, 0-90°, 230-2000 nm
    Water Raman S/N>3500:1 (Blue sensitive)
    >2000:1 (Red sensitive)
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