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Thin end cap pigtail / Connectors & Terminations

End Cap are ideal for photonics crystal, micro-structured and hollow-core fibers (PM or non PM). Specify and/or provide us the fiber; we realize your connector assembly: ferrule, FC, SMA or others.

Thin end cap pigtail summary

The fibers on which the end caps are spliced must have a clad diameter close to 125, 250 or 400µm. 5 examples of fiber compatibility:

  • HCF : Hollow-Core Photonic Bandgap Fibers
  • ESM : Endlessly Single Mode Fibers
  • SUP : Supercontinuum Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • ARF : Anti-Resonant Hollow-Core Fibers
  • LMA : Large Mode Area Fibers


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    • Protect the fiber interface from dust and humidity
    • Robust and easy handling
    • Beam properties conservation
    • High optical power handling (up to 50W)


    • Laser beam transport
    • Metrology
    • Optical sensing
    • Spectroscopy
    • All-fiber subassemblies
    • Laser coupling
    • Fiber collimating
    • Power handling

    End Cap

    Typical Custom / Option
    Min Max
    Length 150µm 100µm 10mm
    Diameter 125µm 80µm 2mm
    Polishing angle 12°
    Material Fused Silica (FS) Specify Specify
    AR Coating None Specify Specify

    Optical fiber

    Custom / Option
    Fiber reference: non exhaustive list below (Fibers to specify and/or provide)
    Fiber length: Specify
    Jacket: Loose tube 900µm Hytrel, 3mm PVC, 3mm Stainless Steel (SS) tube, none
    End termination: Non PM: FC/PC, FC/APC, SMA, high power SMA, SC/PC, SC/APC, ferrule, none. PM: FC/PC, FC/APC


    HCF: Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber

    • High air filling factor PBG microstructured region (>90%)
    • Low bend sensitivity (core with high NA)
    • Material non-linearities >95%
    • Excellent temperature immunity (ideal for high performance fiber sensing and metrology applications)

    Fiber reference Operating wavelength Core Clad Coating
    IXF-HCF-10-100-950 910-970nm 10µm 100µm 240µm
    IXF-HCF-10-110-1060 1060nm 10µm 110µm 240µm
    IXF-HCF-11-80-750 750nm 11µm 80µm 240µm
    IXF-HCF-12-85-785 785nm 12µm 85µm 240µm


    ©Photonics Bretagne
    HCF Fibers references


    ESM: Endlessly Single Mode Fiber

    Fiber reference Operating wavelength Core Clad Coating
    IXF-ESM-5-125 400-1200nm 5µm 125µm 245µm
    IXF-ESM-10-125 400-1200nm 10µm 125µm 250µm
    IXF-ESM-5-125-PM 400-1200nm 5µm 125µm 240µm
    IXF-ESM-10-225-PM 400-1200nm 10µm 225µm 355µm


    ©Photonics Bretagne
    ESM Fibers references


    SUP: Supercontinuum Photonic Crystal Fiber

    • Low dispersion at the pump wavelength
    • High NA
    • Supercontinuum (with ti-sapphire and YAG pulsed pump sources)


    Fiber reference Operating wavelength Core Clad Coating
    IXF-SUP-5-125-1050 1060nm 5µm 125µm 245µm
    IXF-SUP-2-135-760 400-1200nm 1.7µm 135µm 240µm
    IXF-SUP-5-125-1050-PM 1060nm 5µm 125µm 240µm



    ©Photonics Bretagne
    SUP Fibers references


    ARF: Anti-Resonant Hollow-Core Fiber

    • Material non-linearity


    Fiber reference Operating wavelength Core Clad Fiber Diameter Coating
    IXF-ARF-120-400 3000nm 119µm 233µm 404µm 492µm
    IXF-ARF-40-240 750nm 38µm 71µm 242µm 398µm
    IXF-ARF-40-230 2000nm 40µm 105µm 230µm 340µm
    IXF-ARF-33-160 1064nm 33µm 66µm 160 325µm



    ©Photonics Bretagne
    ARF Fibers references


    LMA: Large Mode Area Photonic Crystal Fiber

    • Diffraction-limited for high-power delivery
    • Prevention of nonlinear effects and material damage


    Fiber reference Operating wavelength Core Clad Coating
    NKT LMA-5 400-1700nm 5µm 125µm 245µm
    NKT LMA-8 400-1700nm 8.6µm 125µm 245µm
    NKT LMA-10 500-1700nm 10.1µm 125µm 245µm
    NKT LMA-12 700-1700nm 12.2µm 125µm 245µm
    NKT LMA-15  500-1700nm 15.1µm  230µm  350µm 
    NKT LMA-20  600-1700nm 19.9µm 230µm 350µm 
    NKT LMA-25  800-1700nm 25µm 258µm 342µm
    nLIGHT Liekki Passive-25/250
    1060nm 25µm 250µm 350µm
    NKT LMA-PM-5 400-1200nm 5µm 125µm 245µm
    NKT LMA-PM-10 500-1700nm 10µm 230µm 350µm
    NKT LMA-PM-15 600-1700nm 14.8µm 230µm 350µm
    nLIGHT Liekki Passive-25/250-PM 1060nm 25µm 250µm 350µm



    ©NKT Photonics
    LMA-PM Fibers references


    LMA-PM Fibers references



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