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Time delay coil (ns/m range) / Optical delays

Create a fixed time delay with our fiber optic coil

Time delay coil (ns/m range) summary

According to your delay requirement, we advise and provide the most appropriate time delay coil. The optical delay depends on the fiber type and length. For example, a 20 km fiber coil will create a fixed delay up to 100 µs.

How to calculate a delay according to a fiber length? To calculate the required fiber length to obtain a specific time delay, use the following formula: L = c Δt / n where c is the speed of light in vacuum, Δt is the desired time delay, and n is the index of refraction of fused silica at the wavelength of interest (use n = 1.4677 at 1310 nm and n = 1.4682 at 1550 nm).

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    • Fixed delay
    • Totally passive
    • All types of optical fibers : SM, MM, PM, from UV to IR
    • Coating materials (polymer, polyimide)
    • Length: up to 50 km
    • With or without stand (copper, aluminium, plastic)
    • Adjustable fiber tension : from 20 g to 2 kg
    • Customizable (fiber end connection, etc.)
    • Telecommunications: coherent receivers, TDM
    • Long variable delays: interferometers, OCT, wavemeters
    • Optical phase adjustment (distance change ~wavelength / 2pi phase)
    • Autocorrelator: relative timing between 2 ultra-short pulses
    • Pump-probe measurement: measure a response to pulse after a given delay
    Fiber core diameterFrom 50 mm to 500 mm
    Fiber external diameterFrom 80 µm to 600 µm
    Fiber lengthUp to 50 km
    Fiber widthFrom 5 mm to 500 mm
    Fiber tensionFrom 20 g to 2 kg
    Coating materialPolymer, polyimide, others
    Spool standCopper, aluminium, plastic, others
    ConnectorsPlease specify
    All products