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Time delay coil (ns/m range)

/ Optical delays

Create a fixed time delay with our fiber optic coil

According to your delay requirement, we advise and provide the most appropriate time delay coil. The optical delay depends on the fiber type and length. For example, a 20 km fiber coil will create a fixed delay up to 100 µs.

How to calculate a delay according to a fiber length? To calculate the required fiber length to obtain a specific time delay, use the following formula: L = c Δt / n where c is the speed of light in vacuum, Δt is the desired time delay, and n is the index of refraction of fused silica at the wavelength of interest (use n = 1.4677 at 1310 nm and n = 1.4682 at 1550 nm).

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  • Fixed delay
  • Totally passive
  • All types of optical fibers : SM, MM, PM, from UV to IR
  • Coating materials (polymer, polyimide)
  • Length: up to 50 km
  • With or without stand (copper, aluminium, plastic)
  • Adjustable fiber tension : from 20 g to 2 kg
  • Customizable (fiber end connection, etc.)
  • Telecommunications: coherent receivers, TDM
  • Long variable delays: interferometers, OCT, wavemeters
  • Optical phase adjustment (distance change ~wavelength / 2pi phase)
  • Autocorrelator: relative timing between 2 ultra-short pulses
  • Pump-probe measurement: measure a response to pulse after a given delay
Fiber core diameterFrom 50 mm to 500 mm
Fiber external diameterFrom 80 µm to 600 µm
Fiber lengthUp to 50 km
Fiber widthFrom 5 mm to 500 mm
Fiber tensionFrom 20 g to 2 kg
Coating materialPolymer, polyimide, others
Spool standCopper, aluminium, plastic, others
ConnectorsPlease specify
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