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Tunable Light Source / Light sources

TLS wavelength tunable monochromatic light source

Tunable Light Source summary

TLS wavelength tunable monochromatic light source including LSH series deuterium lamps, tungsten halogen lamp or xenon lamps light source housing, with Omni-Λ series monochromators (Omni-Λ150 or Omni-Λ300), with the filter wheel and other peripheral accessories.

The Tunable Light Sources (TLS) is a pre-aligned, preassembled illumination system capable of outputting monochromatic light from 200-2500 nm. This is a complete plug and play system and includes TLS-C1 software.

TLS is composed of Zolix light source and spectrometer. It is very convenient for the users who want the flexibility of a modular design and the simplicity of an integrated system.

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  • Good light source stability, better than 0.5%
  • High integration, system integrated in the optical plate, it is easy to transport and protect the stability of optical path
  • Light path is optimized to achieve maximum light output efficiency
  • The output bandwidth can be adjusted continuously, 0.1-30nm
  • Software can control any wavelength adjustment and the time delay
  • USB2.0
  • PEC Photochemistry Measurement System
  • Transmission / Absorption / Reflection Measurement System
  • Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
  • The fluorescence Spectrum Measurement (as excitation light)
  • Surface Photovoltage Test
  • Detector Spectral Responsivity Measurement System
  • Optical Lens Spectral Transmittance Measurement System
  • Eye Protection Products Measurement System
MODEL TLS1509-X150 TLS3009-X150
MONOCHROMATOR Omni-Λ1509 Omni-Λ3009
 Spectral range 250-1500 nm 250-2400
 Output bandwidth 2 nm 1 nm
 Output bandwidth adjustable range 0.5-30 nm 0.2-15 nm
 Grating 1# 1200g / mm @ 300 nm 1200g / nm @ 500 nm
 Grating 2#600g / mm @ 750 nm600g / mm @ 750 nm
 Grating 3#-600g / mm @ 750 nm
 Filter range 200-1600 nm 200-1600 nm
 Light source Xenon lamp Xenon lamp
 Power (W) 150 W 150 W
 Output light source stability Better than 0.5% Better than 0.5%
Lamp type150W Xenon150W Tungsten- Halogen
Light ripple<0.5%<0.5%
Spectral range250-2200 nm350-2200 nm
Resolution0.4nm@250-600nm 0.8nm@600-2200nm0.4nm@250-600nm 0.8nm@600-2200nm
Bandwidth0.4-16nm@250-600nm 0.8-32nm@600-2200nm0.4-16nm@250-600nm 0.8-32nm@600-2200nm
Wavelength accuracy±0.25nm±0.25nm
Wavelength Repeatability±0.1nm±0.1nm
Lamp type150W Xenon300W Xenon
Light ripple<0.5%<1%
Spectral range250-2200 nm300-2200 nm
Resolution0.08nm@250-1100nm 0.2nm@1100-2200nm0.08nm@250-1100nm 0.2nm@1100-2200nm
Bandwidth0.08-7nm@250-1100nm 0.2-14nm@1100-2200nm0.08-7nm@250-1100nm 0.2-14nm@1100-2200nm
Wavelength accuracy±0.2nm±0.2nm
Wavelength Repeatability±0.1nm±0.1nm

Other models : please contact us. The Deuterium lamp, tungsten halogen lamp tunable monochromatic light source have the same specification except the light source and power supply adapter.

  • Wavelength selection
  • Gratings switch
  • Filters control
  • Shutter control
  • Scanning parameters setting, start wavelength, termination wavelength, step intervals, delay time, etc.
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