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Tunable monochromatic light source (TLS-OMNI-λ-EQ-99X) / Light sources

An efficient high output tunable monochromatic light source using the high-brightness laser driver light source from Energetiq and a specially designed monochromator developed by IDIL Fibres Optiques

Tunable monochromatic light source (TLS-OMNI-λ-EQ-99X) summary

The monochromatic tunable light source is a pre-aligned, preassembled illumination system capable of outputting monochromatic light from 170 to 2100 nm.

Moreover, this complete plug and play system is very convenient for users looking for modular design and the simplicity of an integrated system.

The included PC software controls the wavelength adjustment and the delay. A USB 2.0 port is used to interface with the computer.

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    • UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy
    • Tunable
    • Minimum step: 0.01 nm
    • UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy Thin-Film Measurements
    • Monochromator Source Optical Component or fiber optics Testing
    • Optical Component or fiber optics Testing
    • Environmental Analysis
    • Star’s simulation
    • Materials Characterization
    • Gas Phase Measurements
    • Advanced Imaging/Microscope Illuminators
    Light source EQ-99X LDLS
    Wavelength range170 - 2100 nm
    Broadband optical power (typical)0.5 W
    Spectral radiance / Brightness10 mW/mm² sr.nm (typical. Dependent on wavelength)
    Optical interfaceDiverging beam for collection by free-space optic (SM1 thread) air-cooled
    Numerical aperture0.47 NA
    Plasma size (typical)101 x 182 µm
    Lifetime> 9000 hours between bulb changes
    Imaging monochromator Omni-λ20005i
    Optical inputOptical beam and mechanical adaptors to couple directly Energetic EQ-99X light source to the monochromator
    Optical outputSMA fiber (or optional collimated converter)
    Optical structureSide entrance and slit front exit
    Coating (gratings and mirrors)Standard Al coating (or optional UV enhancement coating)
    Filter wheelSix position motorized filter (200-200 nm), diameter 25/25.4 mm
    Focal length200 mm
    Relative aperturef/3.5
    Number of gratings2 (covering 200-1000 nm and 1000-2400 nm)
    Grating size50x50 mm
    Resolution-PMT0.15 - 0.3 nm
    Resolution-CCD (26µm)0.28 - 0.6 nm
    Wavelength accuracy+/- 0.2 nm
    Wavelength repeatability+/- 0.1 nm
    Stray light1x10-5
    Focal area30 (w) x 14 (h) nm
    Weight14 kg
    Communication interfaceUSB 2.0
    SoftwareWavelength control software TLS-C1 (Windows)

    Other options: dual slits exit, motorized slits, shutter, longer focal lengths with triple gratings turret


    Webinar summary:

    1. System presentation (TLS-EQ)
    2. Demonstration results
    3. 5 application examples
    4. Q&A session
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