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VCSEL diode / Laser diodes

VCSEL diodes for spectroscopy and optical clock applications

VCSEL diode summary

Surface Emitting Diode Lasers are single mode diode lasers. The single mode emission is enforced via the short length of the laser cavity. Frequency tuning is available via laser temperature and / or laser current variation. A special feature is the high modulation bandwidth up to 10GHz.

IDIL Fibres Optiques is a provider of fully-integrated laser systems but offers also a large variety of wavelength-selected laser diodes to build the laser system around it. Do not hesitate to contact the company to discuss about your specifications and final application.

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    • Longitudinal Single Mode Emission
    • Spatial Single Mode Emission
    • Low Operation Current ≤ 5mA
    • Moderate Optical Power > 1mA
    • High Modulation Capability, up to 10GHz
    • Molecular Spectroscopy
    • Rubidium Spectroscopy
    • Optical Clock (Rubidium)
    • Cesium Spectroscopy
    • Optical Clock (Cesium)
    Wavelength762.5-763.7 nm, 779-781 nm, 794-795 nm, 851-853 nm
    Powerfrom 0.25 mW up to 0.5 mW
    Threshold0.3 mA
    Op. Current2 mA
    Tuning2 nm
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