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Wavelength Demultiplexing / Multiplexing / Education systems

Wavelength multiplexing / demultiplexing

Wavelength Demultiplexing / Multiplexing summary

A new generation of fibre optic transmission systems have appeared in the 90’s, using the wavelength multiplexing / demultiplexing techniques (WDM). The idea is to inject simultaneously different wavelengths in the same fibre, increasing the data transmission capacity of a single fibre. This WDM kit, coupled with the erbium doped fibre amplifier, allows the experimental study of the behaviour of an erbium doped fibre amplifier, working in multi-wavelength mode.

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    • 4 DFB laser diodes @ 1535, 1543, 1550 and 1560 nm, 1 mW,
    • 6 Patchcords E2000/APC Diamond connectors
    • CW or analogical modulation (100 kHz) 1 Optical isolator
    • 1 Fiber optic coupler 1×4
    • Laser diodes characterization
    • Fiber optic coupler characterization
    • Four wavelength multiplexing.
    • Option : ADD&DROP multiplexer assembling.

    Coupled with the erbium doped fiber amplifier training kit :

    • study of an erbium doped fiber amplifier,
    • working in multi-wavelength mode.
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