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FLAME-NIR+ Shortwave NIR spectrometer / Spectrometers

A powerful combination of the compact Flame optical bench and an uncooled InGaAs detector, the FLAME-NIR+ is a versatile, affordable instrument for shortwave NIR spectroscopy from 970-1700nm

FLAME-NIR+ Shortwave NIR spectrometer summary

With its NIR responsivity and ultra-low power consumption needs, the FLAME-NIR+ is an attractive option for integration into handheld and portable systems.

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    • Enhanced sensitivity – design improvements enable lower limits of detection and shorter integration times
    • Compatible – works with Ocean Insight light sources, accessories and software
    • Easy to use — plug and play via the micro-USB connection
    • User interchangeable slit — vary the resolution and throughput of the spectrometer on demand
    • Indicator LEDs – indicator of power and data transfer status at all times
    • Compact and lightweight  — 89.1 x 63.3 x 31.9mm3 and just 265g
    • Identification of types and colors of plastics in recycling
    • Analysis of freshness and sweetness in fruits and vegetables
    • Chemical and commodity manufacturing
    • identification of pharmaceutical ingredients
    • QC engineering in large-scale manufacturing operations
    • Process control monitoring
    • In-line QC analysis
    • Product integration
    FLAME-NIR+ Spectrometer
    Range detection and resolution970nm -1.7µm / 10.0nm (FWHM)
    Integration time1ms - 65s (down to 10µs in shutter mode)
    Corrected linearity> 99%
    Dynamic rangeSMA 905
    Signal-to-noise ratio6000:1 (full signal)
    Detector typeLinear InGAas uncooled
    Entrance slit25µm (interchangeable)
    Thermal stability0.08nm/°C
    Scan rate (maximum)~400Hz
    ConnectionUSB, high density 40 pin JAE DD4 connector
    Power consuming5V USB
    Dimensions89.1 x 63.3 x 31.9mm3

    FLAME-NIR+ offers enhanced sensitivity from 970-1700nm, and is ideal for identifying and characterizing various samples.

    Ocean Insight

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