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High performance Raman Spectrometer (Omni-iSpecTM) / Spectrometer systems

This Raman spectrometer is integrated with a high throughput spectrograph (Omni-iSpecT) that is designed for high resolution and high speed raman imaging. The Omni-iSpecTM has two models to accommodate different requirements: lasers, wavelength and spectral resolution

High performance Raman Spectrometer (Omni-iSpecTM) summary

The Omni-iSpecTM is a very good solution for collecting more light and achieving better S/N ratio. The high light collection efficiency capabilities of Omni-iSpecT spectrograph combined with ultra-sensitive CCD detectors offer the most versatile and sensitive detection solution for VIS & NIR applications.

Its rugged and compact design makes an ideal module for in-the-field and industrial applications. It is still suitable for academic research with research-grade performance. The Omni-iSpecTM also provides the SDK file for secondary development.

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    • High collection efficiency (F/1.8 aperture)
    • 100 % light collection from NA=0.22 fiber optics
    • High throughput for VIS or NIR range
    • High transmission volume phase holographic gratings (VPH)
    • Wide Raman shift coverage (large focal plane CDD camera)
    • Low stray light
    • Superior image quality
    • High spectral resolution (Omni-iSpecT532, FWHM 4.7cm-1@585.25nm / Omni-iSpecT785, FWHM 2.1cm-1@912.297nm)
    • Compact and rugged design
    • Low pressure gas detection
    • Confocal Raman spectroscopy
    • Process control
    • In-vivo or in-vitro medical diagnosis
    • In-the-field and industrial applications etc.
    Raman shift range0-4200cm-1-200-2450cm-1
    Wavelength range532-685nm770-975nm
    F/# apertureF/1.8F/2.3
    Focal length (input/output)85/85mm85/85mm
    Grating1800l/mm VPH1200l/mm VPH
    CCD detector-Back illuminated deep depletion-Back illuminated deep depletion
    -2000x256 pixels-2000x256 pixels
    -15%m pixel size -15%m pixel size
    -30x3.8mm image area-30x3.8mm image area
    Adjustable entrance slit10µm-6mm10µm-6mm
    Resolution (Typical)5cm-1@585nm@50um slit3cm-1@912nm@50um slit
    7cm-1 guaranteed5cm-1 guaranteed
    Fiber couplersXY adjustable fiber adaptorXY adjustable fiber adaptor
    Fiber: SMA/10mm fiber connectorFiber: SMA/MPO/10mm fiber connector
    Built-in long pass filterOptionOption
    Φ50mm, 186cm-1 transitionΦ50mm, 309cm-1 transition
    Lower transition edge availableLower transition edge available
    Dimension (without CCD)248x200x118mm277x215x118mm
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