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Super-Fast Spectrometer (Ocean FX) / Spectrometers

Super-fast spectrometer with acquisition speed and enhanced communications

Super-Fast Spectrometer (Ocean FX) summary

The Ocean FX is a versatile and fast spectrometer with acquisition speed up to 4,500 scans per second. this spectrometer has an onboard processing for improved SNR and reduced data transfer time. It communicates via USB, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Ocean FX is an excellent choice for high-speed process applications, measurement of fast events, and reaction monitoring.

This super-fast spectrometer (Ocean FX) is available in the UV-Vis-NIR wavelengths.

It is ideal in application-ready, custom and OEM spectrometer configurations. The spectrometer can be integrated into other devices as a component, subassembly or turnkey solution.

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    • High-sensitivity CMOS detector
    • Fast  acquisition : 4,500 spectra per second
    • Buffering and timestamping : 50,000 spectra
    • Onboard averaging: 5,000 spectra
    • Easy connection to other devices
    • Operates via Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SPI and USB
    • Food and agriculture
    • Food sorting and processing
    • Protein fluorescence kinetics
    • Other kinetics monitoring applications
    • Biomedical sciences
    • Laser characterization
    • Absorbance measurements
    • Rapid events measurements
    • Flicker and fast color cycling in LEDs
    • LED measurement
    • Security and authenticity
    • Environnemental monitoring
    • Cavity-ringdown spectroscopy
    • Color measurement in industrial settings
    • Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
    • Process monitoring and control
    • Thin film thickness measurements
    Ocean FX
    Models and wavelengthsUV-Vis (200-850 nm
    Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm)
    UV-Vis-NIR (200-1025 nm)
    Integration time10 μs -10 s
    Dynamic range5000:1
    Input fiber connectorSMA 905
    Onboard averagingUp to 5,000 spectra
    Onboard memory50,000 spectra
    Scan rate,500 scans per second
    Signal to noise ratio290:1 (full signal)
    Thermal stability0.11 pixels/°C

    Acquisition speed depends on the performance of its operating software and the operating system and computer to which it is connected.

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