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OCEAN-ST Microspectrometer / Spectrometers

The new ST microspectrometer provides excellent spectral performance in an ultra-compact footprint. It is ideal for both everyday lab use and embedded applications.

OCEAN-ST Microspectrometer summary

This new range of powerful microspectrometers are available in the UV (185-660nm), Vis (350-810nm) and NIR (645-1085nm) wavelengths. They provide excellent spectral response, high-speed spectral acquisition, and high signal to noise ratio performance. Despite their small size and light weight, ST microspectrometers deliver full spectral analysis at a performance level comparable to larger optical bench spectrometers.

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    • Full spectral analysis with the strong performance of a large-bench spectrometer
    • Ready for integration
    • Small size (<50mm) and light weight (70g)
    • High-speed spectral acquisition up to 160Hz with SNR of 190:1 @10ms
    • Application Programming Interface (API)
    • Good thermal stability: 0.05 Pixels/°C
    • ST-UV
      • Laser characterization
      • DNA absorbance
    • ST-VIS
      • Emissive color of LEDs
      • Remote sensing (Agriculture)
    • ST-NIR
      • Liquids absorbance (Water quality)
      • Solid surfaces reflection (Product authentification)
    ST Microspectrometers
    WavelengthsST-UV (185nm - 660nm) / ST-VIS (350nm - 810nm) / ST-NIR (645nm - 1085nm)
    Integration time3.8ms - 6s
    Optical resolution13 / 2.2 / 3.7 / 6.3nm
    Corrected linearity99.4%
    Dark noise20 counts
    Dynamic range1000:1
    Inpout fiber connectorSMA 905
    Scan rate160Hz
    SNR190:1 @ 10ms
    Stray light2.0
    Thermal stability0.05 Pixels/°C
    Entrance slit100 / 200 / 25 / 50µm
    A/D resolution14-bit
    ConnectorsUSB Type-C / Samtec TFM-108-02-L-DH accessory connector
    In / Outputs4 GPIO / RS232 / 2 output strobes / Power input / Trigger input
    Trigger modesSingle strobe / Synchronous Continuous mode / External rising edge
    Dimensions (w x d x h)42.1 x 40.3 x 26.6mm
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