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Portfolio Spectrometers / Spectrometers

The next generation of miniature spectrometers

Portfolio Spectrometers summary

With 10 family models available, Ocean Optics compact spectrometers with versatile performance covering UV, Visible and NIR range address multiple applications in Research, OEM and Process solutions. They are fully compatible with numbers of fibered accessories (optical probes, integration spheres, sample holders…) including light sources.

Ocean Optics provides also software tools at varying levels of complexity to meet spectroscopic analysis and automation needs.

We compiled all spectrometers data with key features, specifications and applications to help you making the right choice.



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    ST : Lightweight and ultra-compact. Ideal for OEM

    FX : Super fast acquisition spectrometer with onboard buffering

    SR2, HR2 : Rapid acquisition and high SNR for high light level applications only

    SR4, HR4 : Delivers all the benefits of miniature, modular spectroscopy for laboratory use

    SR6, HR6 : High-sensitivity spectrometer offers excellent SNR and UV response

    HDX : Low cost Raman spectrometer

    QE : Scientific spectrometer with high QE-90% detector TE-cooled

    FLAME-NIR+ : Low cost IR spectrometer

    NIR+ : High-sensitivity and high optical resolution IR spectrometer

    • Fluorescence, Raman
    • Absorbance of large opacity solutions
    • Fast events, Radiometry, Color
    • Laser line characterization
    • Atomic line characterization
    • Plasma, Atomic line analysis
    • General laboratory
    • LIBS
    • Flickering lighting
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