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Strain sensor for tarmac airport monitoring / Project examples

IDIL Fibres Optiques developed Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) sensors for tarmac monitoring.

Strain sensor for tarmac airport monitoring summary

IDIL designed four lines of sixteen transversal strain sensors. They have been directly installed between two tarmac concrete layers of the Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

IDIL has a long experience in specific FBG packaging (tightened between two points) allowing an easy and effective insertion of the fiber into the tarmac. During this specific project, those sensors have been installed by the STAC (Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile).

Sensors have been calibrated on a dedicated bench.

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    • High expertise in FBG packaging
    • Strain measurements
    • Real-time control of the monitoring system
    • Robust sensors
    • Transversal FBG sensors
    • Structural health monitoring
    • On-shore environment
    • Civil engineering
    CustomerSTAC (Service Technique de l'Aviation Civile)
    LocationToulouse Blagnac Airport
    ObjectiveStrain measurements of the tarmac during aircraft take-offs and landings
    Number of sensors4 lines of 16 sensors
    Sensor typesStrain sensor
    STAC Project

    Launched in 2013, the main objective of this project is to allow strain measurements of the tarmac during aircrafts take-offs and landings.

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