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Optical delay solutions overview / Optical delays

Use fixed and variable time delay solutions alone or in series to manage your delay from wavelength range to tens of microseconds

Optical delay solutions overview summary

IDIL Fibres Optiques is recognized as a leading manufacturer of optical systems for delay management.  Our solutions offer best optical and delay resolutions. They can be customized to meet your requirements : delay range, stretch range, length, connector, fiber type, integration (in rack, spool), mode switching or multiplexing…). Moreover, you can combine different systems into one rack.

fiber optic coil optical delay lines fiber stretcher
Fixed time delay coil
(ns/m range)
Optical delay line
(ps/mm range)
Fiber stretcher
(fs/µm range)


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    • Telecommunications: coherent receivers, TDM
    • Long variable delays: interferometers, OCT, wavemeters
    • Optical phase adjustment (distance change ~wavelength / 2pi phase)
    • Autocorrelator: relative timing between 2 ultra-short pulses
    • Pump-probe measurement: measure a response to pulse after a given delay
    Optical delay solutions
    ModelFiber coilOptical delay lineFiber stretcher
    @1550 nm4.9 ns.m-13.34 ps.µm-1
    Delay typeFixedvariable: manual, motorizedvariable: voltage drive
    DelayUp to 100 µs (20 km), Max 50 kmUp to 80ps [ODL25] or 150ps [ODL50]Up to 0.1ps [FS20] or 0.2ps [FS40]
    Resolution (typical)0.1 ps1 fs
    ModulationNo modulation (DC only)Up to 20 kHz

    Each product can be customized: connector, fiber, pigtail length, mode switching...


    XCAN Project

    IDIL Fibres Optiques designed and manufactured multiple phase and delay adjustment modules for the XCAN project, including fiber stretchers and motorized variable optical delay lines.

    Learn more about the XCAN project: (Coherent Amplification Network) project between the Ecole Polytechnique and Thales- PDF English

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